High Temparature Oven(Hot Air Circulation Oven)

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Product Description

Product Description
High Temparature Oven

Model NO:M-5000D

Using single-and double hot air circulation devices, a fast heating, temperature uniformity, the use of advanced dual insurance alarm device, safe, reliable, and applicable to metal plastic printing factory production drying, drying, aging test products, metal and other low-temperature tempering heated dry roughness use
 Box material: 1, the overall body of 1.5 mm thick steel plate imports, and interior door using 1.0 mm galvanized sheet.
A: cartons Size: 1.4 meters wide and 2.1 metres deep 1.1 m
B: within  Size: 1.2 meters wide, and 2.1 m deep 1.1 m

Technical parameters:
1, Power:-phase 4-wire, 380 V, 50Hz;
2, Power Rating: 2 to 20 KW;
3, rated temperature: room temperature to 250.C;
4, warming: Rated temperature to room temperature 25 minutes
5, furnace temperature:+_5.C;
6. Heating method for heat conduction

1. Fever of imported industrial stainless steel heat 12 of a total of 12 KW (different specifications of the number of different heat).
2, temperature control imports by RKC NC temperature controller, homemade timers, automatic temperature, time, and over-temperature alarm. Set temperature to 200.C,25.C for adjustable.
3 frames of silicon rubber seal, not to achieve internal seal leakage of gas. Gate deduction using link structure, and solid durability.
4, Jin, the exhaust pipe of a diameter of 80 mm.
5, Yun-Feng Yun system uses about wind, temperature more uniform. Yun-Feng Motor using aspirin tyrants Vertical 1 HP motor, 12-inch round of the wind.
6, insulation materials: imports rockwool absorb heat
7, Box 317 Bellows spray paint, doors spray paint Bellows 6008.
3. Specification parameters:
1. Blast: Air mandatory recycling
2. Within me Size: customized according to customer requirements
3. Temperature range: RT.C to 300.C
4. Temperature controller: original calculations automatically imports microcomputer controller
5.4 digit LED display
6.Auto Turning PID control
7.ALARM do alarm or TIMER function choice
8.Do slew rate control
9.Switching power:85-265V AC
10.Temperature fluctuations:+_0.5.C
11.Temperature uniformity: +_2.C
12.Body temperature: K on the thermoelectric 

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