Drying Machine for Silk Screen Frame

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1.Drying temperature:60-100
2.Max frame size: 900×1200mm
3.Power Rate: 380V/3.5KW
4.Dimension: 1280*1080*1100
5:Packing Size: 1100*1300*1350mm

1.Drying temperature:40-100
2.Max frame size: 1200×1500mm
3.Power Rate: 380V/3.5KW
4.Dimension: 1600*1400*1000
5:Packing Size: 1650*1450*1350mm
 1. Heat preservation materials are filled in the inner of the machine, ensures the efficient heat preservation.
2. The horizontal design can keep the print screen coated with emulsion to be dry averagely.
3. Temperature control components, automatically controlled inconstant temperatures.
4.Can be used as the dark room that can prevent the print screens spread with emulsion form light. 

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