Manual Hot Stamping Machine(Hot Foil Stamping Machine)

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US $ 550 / pc

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1 pc

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Product Description

Machine Parameters: stamping area:60 x 90 mm
2.worktable area:105 x 150 mm
3.operate way:manus
4.height adjustment:0 - 30 mm stamping width:50mm
6.power:110 V / 220 V / 240 V
7.heat wattage:300 W
8.tem[perature adjustment:0-200oC
9.weight:8.2 Kg
10.eight withpackage:9.2 Kg
11.dimension:260 x 160 x 340 mm
12.dimension with package:340 x 230 x 360 mm



1. simple operation
2.Built-in program with being suitable for both flat for card hot stamping
4. foil feeding and collecting and adjustable feeding length.
5.Worktable can move forward/backward and left/right, and turned slightly;
6.Capable of adjusting the stamping pressure, temperature and speed;

Testing︰ please prepare

1. a stamping plate;
2. some golden foil;
3. some samples.

Product Description 


The best quality hot stamping machines is designed for stamping card. It is manual opeation with much lower cost. It is got very good reputation from customers around the world. We strongly recommend you this machine.

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