• 5 colours automatic screen printer
  • 5 colours automatic screen printer
  • 5 colours automatic screen printer

5 colours automatic screen printer

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1.For cylinder bottle 4000PCS/HR

 2.For ellispcs bottle 5000PCS/HR

 3. Printing diameter 25mm-90mm

 4. Compress air 5Bar

 5. Liqiud gas: 1.5Bar

 6. Mainly machine dimension 1900mm*1200mm*1600mm

 7. Feed in conveyer motor 3050mm*1300mm*1500mm

 8. Transmission dimension 2290mm*600mm*750mm

 9. Mainly power 380VAC/3-PHASE/8KW

 10.Feed motor 380VAC/3-PHASE/1KW

 11.Transmission motor: 220VAC/1-PHASE/0.2KW


1.Full automatically printing suitable to print on various shades of cylindrical, elliptical and falt workpieces;

2.Coupled with auto workpiece feeding and loading system;

3.Flame treatment device adopted for re-treatment on PE or PP workpieces to get ultimate ink adhesion;

4.The function of workpiece placing in advance is built-in aiming on cylindrical or elliptical printing;

5.Electric sensor creates "no workpiece no printing" that leads to intelllgent monitor and smart control;

6.High quality UV curing system adopted to ensure fast ink drying and color registration;

7.High printing speed that up to 4000pcs/hr will bring you with high productivity;

8.Conveniently and easily fixture adjustment and change that save your valuable time;

9.Multi-sets of this machine can achieve 2-color, 3-color and even 4-color auto printing system.

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