Automatic Pen Screen Printing Machine

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Product Description

This machine with the good printing quality, fast speed, easy to adjust, It it use for the printing of round type plastic or metal pens, small round tubes, medical syringes, chopstick, cosmetics lipstick tube, and so on.
The auto printing system combine with the Automatic feeding & unloading system, Screen printing, UV or IR curing, with the non-class speed adjust,it is widely used in the pen printing factory and cosmetics manufacture. 
1. Automatic feeding and unloading system, can be printing the object one or double at the same time.
2. Running smoothly with less noisy, can be adjust the printing distance & speed as you wish.
3. Control by Inverters for steady moving, ensure for good affect printing.
4. Adopt IR or UV drying system, it can finish the printing and drying at the same time,

Printing color: 1color
Object dimension: Ф3 to 20mm
Object length: 70-200mm
Printing distance: 20 to 80mm
Output: 6500pcs/hr
Power supply: 220V , 50/60HZ , 4.5KW
Power consumption:  4.1kw
Weight: 285kg
Dimension: 3100×680×1200mm 

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