High precision Oblique-Arm flatbed silk screen printers

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High precision Oblique-Arm flatbed silk screen printers
Model: SP-1214PX

1: Working table size: 1400*1600mm
2: Max. Printing Area: 1200*1400mm
3: Max. Screen frame size: 1550*1700mm
4: Substrate Thickness: 20mm
5: Working capacity:900pcs/hour
6: Air pressure (mpa): 0.4-0.8 mpa
7:Air consumptions(mpa): 13L
8: Power supply: 5.5KW
9: Working table min. Height: 880mm
10: Machine dimension: 2480*1700*1380mm
11: Net/Gross Weight: 660KG/750KG
12: Rated voltage: 220/50HZ

1: Printing transmission driven by motor, high precision linear lead and synchronous belt driven assuring sensitive motion, adjustable speed, velocity uniformity
2: oblique arm's elevation driven by the motor, frequency control, and the machine runs smoothly.
3: Squeegee and ink blade with pressure adjusting devices which is also for adjusting printing thickness and size.
4: Vacuum working table for fixing and positioning, assuring high over print precision
5: Micro adjusted working table devices from up to down, right to left, front and back for easy, convenient, and accurate over print.
7: Safety security devices assuring oblique arm stop on the top position for assuring operation's safety.
8: electronic control unit by microcomputer controller, centralized control for easy, flexible and convenient maintenance.

This series of flat screen printing is widely used in packaging industry (such as: cigarette packaging, Wine packaging card gift box packaging paper printing), trademarks, calendar , painting paintings, transfer paper computer keyboard stickers, credit card, electronic signs, panel industry related (such as circuit boards, membrane switches, etc.) Precision screen printing.

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