Tabletop 1 Color Pad Printer with Double Head

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Product Description

1. Max plate areas: 100×100mm;
2. Printing colour: 1 ;
3. Max printing speedPcs/Hr):1500 ;
4. Max Print area:85×85mm;
5. Air consumption: 130L/Min;
6. Working table dimension: 200×125mm;
7. Range of working table up-and-down: 100mm
1. Fully automatic control by microcomputer ;
2. Four figures automatic counter
3. Machine body made by coin aluminium and blue colour coated.
4. Independently adjust the pressure & speed of pad.
5. Adjustable blade pressure automatic and easily removing oil on the plate.
6. Only front to back of blades function to avoid solidification of printing ink when stopping
7. Independently adjusts worktable position and rotates at any point
8. Lower noise and operation placidity . 

Machine Fittings:

1.One pad .
2.One steel plate.
3.One Manual in English.
4.One blade.

Package List:

1.Wooden case :600*400*650mm
Gross Weight: 70kg

Ship Date:

1.By sea.
within 30 days after receive T/T .
2. By air.
within 6 days after receive T/T.
Please provide:
1. 110V or 220V power supply.
2. 5-7 bar compress air.
3. Etching plate 1 pcs.
4. A jig 1pcs.
5. 5-10 pcs product samples.


The MINI series pad printing machines, which is fit for the nice printing on the small size workpieces. It can be operated easy and has good printing speed .And the two colors machine can overprint also. For example: stationery, toys, presents, electronic products and so on.

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